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Summer in Tenerife

Tenerife in the he summer has beautiful temperatures of around an average of 25c with rain hardly ever seen, why not book your room to kick start your trip!

Ever fancied the amazing Havana?

Take a trip to Cuba’s famous Havana. The land where time stood still. Take a taxi in one of these cars on the left and soak up the sites of this wonderful city.

Up for Jamaica?

How about drinking rum and eating patties in Jamaica, superb hotels on offer here  at Seabbles!

DR caves Beach

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Thinking of visiting? With ample things to do why not? World class museums, chilled out bars and cafes or why not ride around the city on a bike? you decide.


Need a flight to Dublin

With several flights from UK airports flying to Dublin per day why not pop over for a weekend and sample the delightful sites and a Guinness or five!


The delights of Venice

Take a Break in the delightful city of Venice. Take in the sights of St Marks Square, why not visit Doge's Palace museum or take a selfie above the Grand Canal. Followed by a glass of Prosecco!

"did not expect the prices to be so cheap on here, it really does search for the chepest"
J Pearson
"Booked a 3 night break in Southampton on here, Happy with the hotel, happy with the price!"
S Hawkett

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