If you are thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii, you may be wondering the best time of year to visit Hawaii.  Well, anytime really.  Hawaii really doesn’t have an off season.  The winter months of January and February seem to be the rainiest, but it’s not the same kind of winter you would have […]


Kerala’s Backwaters

From north to south, the dreamlike watery expanse known as Kuttanad extends forty-six miles, from Kochi through Allapuzha to Kollam and inland to Kattayam. This area boasts 930 miles of waterways. Meandering channels edged by lush vegetation, groves of coconut and banana palms and rice fields connect with wide open rivers and lagoons. Life moves […]


Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines: Traveling in Style Traveling in cruise ships can be a great experience. Many people should really consider taking their vacation by cruise ships. It can offer relaxing trips while traveling to exotic locations around the world, taste different world cuisines and experience fun on vacations wherever your cruise take you. Just try […]


Celebrity Cruises

All-in-One Vacation Getaway with Celebrity Cruise Liner If you are given a week off from your work, how will you spend it? Of course, you want to give yourself a different treat; after all, you want to relax and unwind yourself from the pressure of your work. Scuba diving? Mountain climbing? Backpacking? Different activities you can […]

Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas Casino

Choosing a Casino You came to Las Vegas to gamble, but don’t know how to choose the right casino to go to.  Here are a few hints to help you make your decision.  But ultimately, you have to go where you are most comfortable.  If you don’t like the service, then leave.  There are always […]



If you go on a vacation in Italy it is almost necessary that you visit Venice. Everyone who has ever been to Italy has an almost classic picture of them in a “vaporetti” or a “gondola” with a canal for a backdrop. This famous Italian city found in the north is also sometimes known as […]


Cocoa Beach

Labelled as the best seaside city, Cocoa Beach is an hours drive east of Orlando on Florida’s amazing Space coast.  The journey here is almost as beautiful as the seaside – providing you with endless ways to enjoy your time whilst basking in the sunshine. Whether you are going on a beach holiday or a business trip you’ll […]


Weekend in Barcelona

As the cold weather starts to settle in my wife and I had this totally awesome idea to go to Barcelona for a weekend, our bodies were screaming for some vitamin D due to the fact it felt like no sunlight had been seen for weeks (slight exaggeration). So…. Barcelona, getting into the main city […]